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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Revenue Sharing?
As part of our new pricing model, part of your traffic commission will be shared with Sqoot. Depending on your plan, your traffic will be split accordingly. For example, if you are on the Silver plan, out of 100 clicks, 50 would go towards your commission and the other 50 would be designed to Sqoot.
What else does my membership pay for?
Membership grants access to not only our deals, but new and improved reporting, access to our coupon endpoint and unthrottled API access.
Already an affiliate to deal providers?
No problem, just email us your affiliate ID and we'll pass it along. All clicks and earnings will show up directly in your existing affiliate account.
What countries are supported?
Currently we focus on the United States. More to come.
Where can I get help?
Email us anytime. We provide unlimited support for all customers and usually respond within just a few hours.
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